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Georgia's story....

Georgia's StoryGeorgia Cadoret is a student at the University of York, currently taking a sabbatical year from her studies and teaching English in Hong Kong. Having suffered from mental health issues in the later years of her secondary education, Georgia knows first-hand the impact that mental health stress can have not only as a student, but also going into adult life.  "I began feeling anxious at a young age, as early as 10 or 11 years old, but I didn’t understand that this was abnormal. When I eventually learnt about anxiety, depression and the impact of stress at the age of 14, I began to see a school counsellor to try and manage these feelings."  Read Georgia's full story here





More than half of Hong Kong secondary school pupils show symptoms of depression, quarter display signs of anxiety’, South China Morning Post, (2017) 


What the experts say....

Caroline Kremer, body alignment specialistCAROLINE KREMER, body alignment specialist says  "Mobile technology and screen time is the future for these students  - it is what they know as the 'norm'. Whilst we can’t change this, we can counteract the negative impacts by educating students to take time-out in order to de-stress and re-align the body. However, because the stress is experienced on a daily basis, counteraction is required on a daily basis.  I have found the deep-relaxation and re-alignment that a daily GRAVITY ™ session provides is a simple and effective solution to both the physical and mental stress"

"Postural changes such as "TEXT NECK" are caused by mobile technology and screen time (the sum of social media, gaming, TV, and school/desk work). These adaptations in the body are happening at a time when students are still growing.  It is during these formative years patterns are being laid down both physically and mentally."  


If you are a student, parent or teacher wanting further information or would like to help at a STUDENT GRAVITYLife  event please contact us here


WHY WE WANT TO HELP: A 2017 study of 15,560 students from 37 secondary schools in 15 districts, revealed over half of secondary school students in Hong Kong show serious depressive symptoms and a quarter have signs of anxiety.(1) The study found that this was largely due to a collective fear of future prospects, exams and university entry.The dwindling mental (and subsequently physical) wellbeing of students has become a worldwide epidemic.  We can’t save the future of Hong Kong, but at STUDENTGRAVITYLife we believe we can help.


(1) Peace Chiu, ‘More than half of Hong Kong secondary school pupils show symptoms of depression, quarter display signs of anxiety’, South China Morning Post, (2017) <> [Accessed 18 March 2019].