Georgia's story

Georgia's storyGeorgia Cadoret (20yr)  is a student at the University of York in England, currently taking a sabbatical year from her studies and teaching English in Hong Kong. Having suffered from mental health issues in the later years of her secondary education, Georgia knows first-hand the impact that mental health stress can have not only as a student, but also going into adult life.

‘I began feeling anxious at a young age, as early as 10 or 11 years old, but I didn’t understand that this was abnormal. When I eventually learnt about anxiety, depression and the impact of stress at the age of 14, I began to see a school counsellor to try and manage these feelings.’

‘As my mental health developed and worsened in a roller-coaster manner throughout my teenage years (along with the physical development and hormonal changes my body was going through), I found it very difficult to understand why I felt the way I did. Mental health is not something you can see, like a broken bone or a nasty flu. It is akin to an invisible disability in that sense, so it was very difficult for my friends and family to understand or know how to help.’

‘I was lucky enough to have a hugely supportive family, a good network of friends and school staff that helped in any way they could. I was introduced to meditation, yoga, diet and exercise as ways to cope with and manage my stress and anxiety levels. Having recently come off of antidepressants, I now turn to these forms of management daily to maintain a happy mind and,  subsequently, a healthy body.’

‘GRAVITY is indisputably part of this daily routine. I use it in the morning to make sure I start my day having taken the time for my mind and body to be present; undistracted and without external stressors for twenty minutes. This gives me a clear mind and a more rational approach to whatever I need to handle in my life. It is difficult to do this with all the ‘brain-fog’ and the blur occuring between the internet and reality nowadays. I have to take this time away from my phone to escape the worry of social media, emails, admin and work life.

‘I find it incredible what just twenty minutes a day has done to my health and happiness in equal measures, which is why I have joined the GRAVITY Life Hong Kong team. I wish to promote healthy coping habits amongst adolescents, particularly students, so that we might reduce and prevent the effects of stress and mental health issues for Hong Kong students today.’